Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Returns: Exciting Features and Conditions

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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Returns: Exciting Features and Conditions

BGMI Reintroduced in India with Government Approval

After a year-long hiatus, popular battle royale game Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is finally back in India. Developer Krafton secured approval from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) to relaunch the game, subject to certain conditions. The game will be available for a trial period of three months, after which the government will make a final decision regarding its long-term availability. Just days after the announcement, BGMI is now available for download on the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store.

Playability Staggered and Restricted Playtime for Minors

To ensure responsible gaming, Krafton has implemented certain conditions for BGMI's return. The playability of the game will be rolled out in phases, allowing users to login gradually within a maximum of 48 hours. Additionally, players under the age of 18 will have a restricted playtime of three hours, while other players can enjoy up to six hours of gameplay per day. Parental verification will be required for minors to participate in the game.

New Features and Updates in BGMI Version 2.5

BGMI's comeback comes with the highly anticipated version 2.5 update, bringing a range of exciting features and enhancements to the game. Here's what players can expect:

New Map: Nusa

Discover the captivating new map called Nusa. This 1x1 resort island located in a tropical zone offers an eight-minute gameplay experience. Nusa introduces unique gameplay elements such as ziplines for swift movement across the island, elevators that can be installed in Hotels buildings in "New City," and engaging attractions like zorb balls, swimming pools, combustible buildings, and destructible jars.

Innovative Gameplay Mechanics and Weapons

Experience the thrill of Super Recall, where in duo/squad mode, surviving teammates can recall fallen members back to the battlefield with a random weapon. Solo players can be recalled automatically. The Tactical Crossbow is a new addition, allowing players to restore ziplines and set houses on fire with fire arrows. Enhanced shooting mechanics enable more accurate mid and close-range shots and shotgun bullets in peek and fire mode, transitioning to single shot when scoped-in.

New Vehicle: Off-Road ATV

Explore the challenging terrains of Nusa with the new two-seater off-road ATV. This nimble vehicle offers excellent stability, ensuring smooth maneuverability even on curvy paths, and reducing the risk of rollovers.

Exciting In-Game Events

Engage in thrilling in-game events to earn exclusive rewards. Participate in "Underworld Unleashed" for a permanent purple grade underworld guardian set. Join the "Race To The Top In Battlegrounds" event for a chance to obtain the permanent pink grade Badlands Punk outfit. "Hot Drop Into The Battlegrounds" offers a progressive event to win the permanent pink grade sandstorm set, while "Gameplay Glory" presents a progressive event with rewards like the permanent pink grade Noble Lineage set.

BGMI's return marks an exciting chapter for battle royale enthusiasts in India, with new features, stunning maps, and engaging events that promise an immersive gaming experience. So, gear up and dive into the battlegrounds once again!

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