WhatsApp Companion Mode Now Available for iOS Users: Connect and Sync Multiple Devices

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Link Your iPhone to Multiple Devices with WhatsApp Companion Mode

WhatsApp has officially rolled out the highly anticipated Companion Mode feature to iOS users. This update allows you to connect up to four additional devices, including smartphones, to your primary WhatsApp account. Any messages received on your primary smartphone will also be delivered to these linked devices. While Android beta testers had early access to Companion Mode, iOS users can now enjoy this functionality with the latest WhatsApp update.

Enjoy Seamless Multi-Device Connectivity

WABetaInfo, a renowned feature tracker, first spotted the rollout of WhatsApp Companion Mode on iOS. With the update to WhatsApp for iOS 23.10.76, available through the App Store, users can now link their iPhones with other "primary" smartphones. The changelog for this update confirms the introduction of the feature, allowing users to log out of their existing WhatsApp account and set up their iPhones as linked devices. To initiate the setup, ensure that you have WhatsApp installed and registered with a phone number on another smartphone.

Cross-Platform Support and Limited Access

WhatsApp's Companion Mode feature supports cross-platform functionality, enabling users to link their iPhones with existing WhatsApp accounts on Android devices and vice versa. While access to your WhatsApp account on linked devices is limited, you can still view and interact with your chats and archived conversations seamlessly.

How to Link Your iPhone to Another Smartphone

To link your iPhone running the latest version of WhatsApp to another smartphone, follow these simple steps:

Open WhatsApp on your iPhone after installing or updating to WhatsApp for iOS 23.10.76.

Tap on "Or link this device to an existing account" and wait for a QR code to appear.

On your primary smartphone, open WhatsApp, tap on the settings icon (iOS) or the three-dot menu icon (Android), and select "Linked Devices."

Choose the option "Link with QR code."

Using your other smartphone, scan the QR code displayed on your iPhone to complete the linking process.

Experience Enhanced Connectivity and Flexibility with WhatsApp

With the introduction of Companion Mode on iOS, WhatsApp users can now enjoy seamless synchronization and connectivity across multiple devices. Stay connected and never miss a message, whether you're using your iPhone or any other linked device. Update your WhatsApp to the latest version and explore the new possibilities of Companion Mode.

Note: Make sure to update your WhatsApp application to the latest version from the App Store to access the Companion Mode feature.

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